Cracked Wall Basement Repair
Cracks on Cinder Block Foundation Walls

Basement Foundation Waterproofing & Cinder Block Wall Repair Everdry Waterproofing provides cinder block foundation walls and cinder block foundation repair to residents in Milwaukee, WI. Cinder block foundation walls can be particularly troublesome for homeowners, especially in the Milwaukee area. The combination of older homes and wet weather provides less than ideal conditions for dry, healthy foundations. Unfortunately, cinder block... Learn More

Battery Backup Sump Pump by Everdry Waterproofing
My Milwaukee Sump Pump Alarm Is Going Off, What Do I Do?

When your Milwaukee sump pump alarm goes off, there are various things you can do to ensure that the issue doesn’t develop into a major problem. There are two kinds of alarms on your sump pump: A low water alarm and a high water alarm. The first step to take when you hear your alarm go off is to check... Learn More

mold remediation services - everdry waterproofing
How Mold Can Affect Your Health in Your Milwaukee Home

Mold is a common term used to describe fungi that grow in damp places and on food. Mold can occur in almost any color but are commonly white or black. They often have the appearance of a smudge of stain. They give off a musty smell. This smell is the easiest way to recognize them. Household Milwaukee mold is probably one of... Learn More

Closer Look at Foundation Crack
Foundation Repair In Milwaukee 101

A home that is sinking or settling will show signs. Cracked foundation walls, bulging floors, and doors and windows that stick are all signs of foundation settlement. Inside you may notice the chimney is pulling away from the ceiling. Cracks are forming in the sheetrock and in the molding. Outside bricks are cracking. There are new gaps around the garage door, windows, or... Learn More

Diagnosing Basement Leakage
How To Diagnose A Basement Leak In Milwaukee

Whether you use your basement for storage, a workshop, or as finished living space, a basement leak is never a good thing. Signs of water mean potential water damage, mold, mildew, rot and an unhealthy basement environment. Water stains, puddles, paint bubbles and chipping, condensation, and musty odors can all be signs of a basement leak in Milwaukee. If you see any of... Learn More

Family Spending Quality Time
Eight Benefits Of A Waterproof Basement In Milwaukee

A basement doesn’t have to be dark and dank. It can be light, dry and fully waterproof. Retrofit basement waterproofing systems can create that dry, livable basement environment. Here are the top 8 benefits to a waterproof basement in Milwaukee. No Leaks It may seem obvious but the number one benefit of a waterproof basement is that it doesn’t leak.... Learn More

Bunch of Maple Leaves
Keep Your Gutters Clean For A Dry Basement

Dry basements begin with effective exterior surface drainage. If water is allowed to pool against your home, it will eventually work its way inside. And that’s exactly why it’s important to keep your gutters clean, and the water flowing during these Fall months. As leaves and twigs fall from the trees, they landing on your roof and in your gutters. With... Learn More

bowing walls in basement
Time To Notice Your Bowing Walls

There are few structural foundation issues more telling than bowing foundation walls. Bowing walls can be a sign of serious structural damage, and can lead to total foundation wall collapse if it is not addressed. Bowing walls are generally caused by excess soil pressure outside of the foundation walls. This pressure can be attributed to soil saturation, as well as... Learn More

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