Large crack on concrete basement floor
Causes & Fixes for Basement Floor Cracks

If there is one sure thing in life, it is that concrete will crack. Contractors try to plan for the cracks with control joints and expansion joints but sometimes the concrete cracks where they don’t want it to. When a basement floor cracks in Waukesha it becomes a gateway for water, radon (and other soil gases), odors, and pests and insects to... Learn More

Mysterious White Stuff on wall at Wisconsin, United States
The Mysterious White Stuff: What Is Efflorescence?

The Mysterious White Stuff: What is Efflorescence? Everdry Waterproofing provides white mold removal services to residents throughout Milwaukee, WI and surrounding areas. We can help with white mold in basement, white mold on walls, and white mold on concrete. But have you wondered, what is that white stuff on your concrete or masonry block wall? It can be just a... Learn More

Woman using asthma inhaler
The Link Between Wet Basements And Asthma

While there isn’t a proven definitive cause of asthma for every asthmatic, researchers have discovered a link between asthma and wet basements. Approximately 34 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma and an estimated 300 million worldwide. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 15% of people with asthma developed the disease, or saw it get worse, in a damp... Learn More

Family Spending Quality Time with his children's in Wisconsin
Eight Benefits Of A Waterproof Basement In Milwaukee

A basement doesn’t have to be dark and dank. It can be light, dry and fully waterproof. Retrofit basement waterproofing systems can create that dry, livable basement environment. Here are the top 8 benefits to a waterproof basement in Milwaukee. No Leaks It may seem obvious but the number one benefit of a waterproof basement is that it doesn’t leak.... Learn More

Basement Walls leaked with full of water in Wisconsin, United States
Waterproofing Your Basement: Can It Wait?

Chances are your basement has waited too long already. Many times a basement waterproofing problem has been there longer than you think it has. While you may have just discovered it, it may have been building for years. However, sometimes it is a well-known issue but for whatever reason it has been temporarily dealt with or completely ignored. If it is a... Learn More

Building Cinder Block Foundation
Cinder Block Foundations vs. Poured Concrete

Cinder Block Foundations Vs. Poured Concrete Everdry Waterproofing can provide homeowners in Milwaukee, WI with a cinder block foundation or a poured concrete foundation, depending on their unique needs. In the foundation industry, when a cinder block foundation is compared to a concrete block foundation, it’s difficult to determine which one is better, as both types of block foundations have... Learn More

Basement Foundation Leaks
Wet Basements In Wisconsin

5 Fixes to your Wet Basement Wisconsin While every wet basement case is a little different, there are some common fixes to the most common wet basement problems. Check outside If you have a wet basement always look to the outside first. Check the downspouts and regrade the backfill to slope away from the house. Make sure water is not building up... Learn More

Foundation Waterproofing by Everdry Waterproofing
Foundation Waterproofing In Wisconsin

Common applications for exterior foundation waterproofing membranes- Grading Problems: The elevation of the grading around the home is often an issue. Does your home have a sidewalk, patio, or a driveway right next to it? If your patio, for example, is located right next to the house and sits higher than the top of the foundation wall, you could get “over the... Learn More

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