Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the big cheese (so to speak) of Wisconsin cities. Go Brewers!  Milwaukee, Wisconsin is home to some great beer, great food, and great baseball. Unfortunately it’s also home to plenty of wet basements and crawl spaces. Due to close proximity to the Great Lakes and the abundance of older foundations in Milwaukee homes, problems like cracks, seepage, and mold are all too common.


Basement Waterproofing Warning Signs

Fortunately these are problems that can be remedied if caught before severe structural damage occurs. To get a better idea of when to take action and request an inspection from a basement waterproofing professional, look out for these warning signs in your basement or crawl space:

  1. Mold & Mildew. Mold thrives in the cool, damp dark corners of a basement or crawl space. If you’re allowing excess moisture into your home, you’re potentially subject yourself and your family to dangerous, toxic mold growth.
  2. Foundation Cracks. Hairline cracks can mean a few things for your basement. Either an old, improperly poured foundation, or too much exterior water pressure applying a destructive force to your foundation walls.
  3. Moisture and Seepage. This is considered an advanced stage basement waterproofing issue. More often than not, potential seepage areas will produce condensation and dark staining for months and years before the area actually starts seeping water.

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