Everdry Waterproofing of Wisconsin Reviews

May 30, 2017

This was the cleanest mess ever!! job was finished super fast even with bad weather conditions. Basement was left cleaner than they found it. Very nice cleaning after themselves (driveway, walls, floors, even grass around the house). Great communication about progress. Crew was respectful of our personal space.
-Oranzine Drugele

March 11, 2017

This company is superb even after 3 yrs of first service they fulfilled contract that couldn’t be completed at time of initial service.
-Joy Lynn Collins

Feb 15, 2017

Our house came with an Everdry basement. It is old and has a filed stone basement. I paid the service agreement each year and was glad we had a dry basement. One spring it rained – a lot. We were getting water in the back corner. I emailed Everdry and they asked if I could send in some photos. There was just a small gap where the sheeting ended and the cistern. They came out and fixed the gap and put in a trench around the cistern so there was no more leaking! They really have stood behind their work. Another spring we had water coming in the stairs. Again, I was asked to supply photos. They came out and caulked the area and it has been dry ever since. I would highly recommend Everdry to anyone!
-Ranee Stollenwerk

January 28, 2017

Extremely satisfied with the work Everdry completed in and around our home. We had a wall that was leaning in and water would always come in our home come spring time and during large rain events. Since their work, we have had no water issues and the reinforcements they put in have stopped the wall from moving. Thanks to their work, we will now finish off our basement which is something we wouldn’t have considered before. I would not hesitate to have Everdry do work for us in the future.
-BJ DeMaa

January 22, 2017

Reliable service. We can now enjoy a dry basement.
-Daniel Aumend

January 16, 2017

Several years ago we had extensive work done on our basement. The crew did an efficient job and a great clean up when they were finished. Approximately 6 months after new sub-pumps were installed, one of them failed. The company came an installed a new one the next day and we have had no issues since then. We would recommend them.
-Ruth Horbinski

December 1, 2016

Good work and like the piece of mind that the warranty provides
-John Tjaaland


November 30, 2016

The team completed the work and came back again for a final solution to my problem in my “crawl space”.
-Robert Schwingle


November 29, 2016

About 25 years ago I had Everdry waterproof my basement because I had seepage whenever it rained. Since that time I have not had a drop of water in the basement. Several years later the sump pump motor died and they replaced it without question at no cost, since I was under the annual warranty. Needless to say, I am very happy with the fact that their fix has stood the test of time. A friend of mine from church knew I had done this work and was looking to waterproof his basement. He took time to examine my basement to help make his decision and ended up doing his basement a couple years ago, with a very similar satisfied experience.
-A Google User


November 28, 2016

We had our basement repaired last year. As with many major repairs, sometimes things don’t go as planned. The work that was completed on my basement resolved the water and foundation issues to our satisfaction. The problem we encountered was damage to my asphalt and concrete driveway (due to the heavy machinery). I would recommend disclosing to homeowners before beginning this type of job as it is not something I budgeted for repairing after the major expense of this project. We also had to have part of the driveway cut away in order to make the repairs, however part of it was jack hammered and never cut in a straight line. I did bring the issue up, but no one ever returned to resolve the issue as promised.
Overall we were satisfied with the job and the crew of guys, however some of the clean up and finishing touches were missed on our project.
-Dena Fera


November 25, 2016

Prior to Everdry’s work on the foundation, my sump pump would run at least twice an hour, even in the coldest part of winter or driest part of summer. The lower part of the walls were always damp or bleeding water. When they opened up the floor at the walls, we found out why, there was no drain tile, only gravel, so the water had to slowly drain to the pump. Now the basement walls are always dry, the pump only runs when we have rain or snow melt and the basement doesn’t have that musty smell anymore. I wish I had found them years ago.
-Rudy Zempel


November 25, 2016

Several years ago I had a serious water infiltration problem in my basement. Everdry excavated to the foundation, repaired the drain tiles and restored a cracked wall. I have not had a water problem since. The work was completed in a neat and efficient manner.
-Donald Printz


November 25, 2016

My husband, John, and I have had a contract with Everdry Waterproofing for a few years now. They have done an excellent job at keeping our basement dry and servicing our sump pump. Their staff is timely, friendly and courteous. I would recommend Everdry to anyone.
-Jennifer Dominski


November 24, 2016

From the day we purchased our home in 1992 we had a water issue in our basement. It escalated through the years to a point where it was no longer a safe environment to use as a living space, which we did and needed for our family. Through the recommendation of our son, who works in a home service industry, we contacted Everdry in 2009 ago. From the first visit to the last, this was a FIRST CLASS operation. the sales pitch was low-keyed, yet informative and easy to understand. After several interviews with other companies, we chose Everydry and never looked back. They came, they conquered, they cleaned up every piece of dust or debris, and they were finished in 4 days! This was a major operation both inside and out – and when they were finished, the only indication that they had ever been in our home was that our basement was now BONE DRY and continues to be so to this day! As I mentioned, our basement is used fully as part of our daily living space and virtually doubles the square footage of our home. We are so confident in the results of the Everdry system, that we have added a FULL kitchen to our basement. I would and HAVE recommended this company to anyone and everyone who ever mentions they have a water problem – and even mention it if they don’t! This company has performed their promised service with 100% satisfaction. Thank you for making our home a safe place to live once again!
-Kathy Lorum


November 24, 2016

18 years and still satisfied with a system along one wall only. Great people and excellent work, no hesitation to hire them. Let Everdry Waterproofing take care of your leaks.
-Katrina K


November 24, 2016

I highly recommend Everdry Waterproofing. We had Everdry come and fix our walls and leakage many, many years ago. They installed a dehumidifier that keeps the moisture out of the air. We called and they came out promptly. They worked quickly, and cleaned up after themselves. Ever since they have came we have not had any problems with our basement whatsoever. Thank you Everdry!
-Cynthia Treptow


November 24, 2016

We had Ever dry repair our basement a couple of years ago. We had major issues with our basement and everdry sent a sales rep over to explain everything to us. The day came for the repairs and the foreman that was on the job was fantastic. He kept us well informed of everything that they were doing. I expressed to him that I am really nit picky and would expect that they put my landscaping back they way they found it, and they did !!! I am happy with the job they did and my basement is dry as a bone! Thanks Everdry!
-Shelly Hendrix


November 23, 2016

We had used Everdry a couple of years ago to waterproof our basement. We had some issues immediately following the work with the sump pump they installed and the customer service was not the best. After this issue was fixed we have had no further water in our basement. The guys that did the work were hardworking and courteous but the foreman was much to be desired.

We have had a lot of rain this year and we continue to have a dry basement
-J Wiench


November 23, 2016

I’ve used Everdry on both of the homes I’ve owned in Waukesha. Their system addresses the fundamental physics of basement water entry, and is designed to capture and divert water BEFORE it creates pressure against the foundation wall. The second home Everdry worked on for us is far from a cut-and-dried case, with multiple obstacles to overcome. Everdry has been diligent, and vigilant with respect to honoring its commitment to DRY basements. Thanks to all!
-Rose Lange


November 23, 2016

We had Everdry waterproof our basement about 7 years ago. Just this year we finished off a beautiful office in our basement (house built in 1918) with a wood floor and we have no worries about any water ever damaging it!
-Amanda Goehl


November 23, 2016

We would highly recommend Everdry Waterproofing – Waukesha. We took about a year to decide to bite the bullet and invest in our basement…it is an investment! We have had water, mold, and moisture issues for 17 years, thankfully no bowed walls. Sales team was knowledgeable and not pushy. All the work was done in the 3 days we were quoted. The work crew was awesome and did their best to keep the mess at a min. in the basement and up the stairs…there was a thin layer of mud, concrete, water, etc when all was done – but that would be expected since they just jack-hammered a trench along the inside of my basement below the foundation! The outside digging, all done by hand was also with min damage. A few foundation plants were moved and I had to replant them but that wasn’t hard since the ground was all broken up. We did lose one bush, but if they had brought in a bobcat or front loader to dig we would’ve lost everything or had to spend several days moving the foundation plants we could and kissed the rest goodbye. We couldn’t move our Well Tank out of the way for the concrete pour, so they added a gravel bed. 2 months later we bought a new Well Tank and knowing we were going to get to move it we called Everdry. They sent a team out to dig up the gravel bed and pour the concrete for under the Well Tank while we had it disconnected and moved…NO EXTRA FEE!!! since this was in our original quote! Over 15 months later and we have NO moisture, NO water, NO condensation, No leaking walls, No mold or discoloration and we were finally brave enough to hang drywall for the first time in our basement…a real floor goes in next, no more bare concrete!
-traci cain


November 22, 2016

We have had a dry basement for over 20 years! Would recommend this company to everyone!!
-Mariah Mccutcheon


November 22, 2016

A couple of years after we purchased our home in Germantown, we noticed there was a lot of dampness in the basement and we could see it in the grout of our ceramic tile floor. We noticed some mold as well as some stair stepping cracks that were beginning to form on the block walls. We decided we needed to gut it and found standing water underneath the tile. We had Everdry come in and do waterproofing on the outside of our home as well as the inside in 2011. We have not had an issue since. We were able to refinish the basement and put in hardwood floors and have turned it into a usable space.
-Erin Wille


November 22, 2016

Years ago we had a moisture problem in our basement. It came to be that I would dread heavy rainfalls. Everdry had done work for other relatives so we called and had them come out make a recommendation. They were very nice and professional. We agreed to have them “everydry” our basement. They were efficient in the work they did and I have not worried about rain since. Hurray!!
-Ann Krug


November 22, 2016

We had Everdry waterproof our basement in 2009. We have not had a water problem since. the workers were courteous and pleasant. We are happy with our basement and our grandchildren have a good playroom now. I would recommend Everdry to any one that has water problems in their basement.
-Donald Holmes


November 21, 2016

First of all, I was recommend to Every Dry from my boss. The salesman who came out was very knowledgeable and explained the situation in a way that an “average homeowner” would understand. I feel like the offer he gave me was good for what work I was needed to get done as well as the other services and offers he added in for me at no or little charge. The crew that I had come into my home for new drain tiles, sump pump, waterproofing, digging outside, etc were absolutely wonderful. They were so friendly and approachable with questions. The foreman, Eddie, was very knowledge and patient when I had questions or concerns, even when I needed things explained a couple times. He kept me in the loop if anything major popped up while they were working. They completed the work quickly and did an incredible job. When the job was done, they left me feeling confident that I would not have any more issues with water in my basement and if something should happen, I would have a speedy response time to have it addressed and repaired. If I had to call into the office with questions, the staff was very efficient in getting answers for me. When you are giving thousands and thousands of dollars to a company for a service, it’s a HUGE commitment and can be quite nerve-wrecking, but with the service, guarantee, and peace of mind that Ever Dry gave me, I feel like my home will be safe for years to come.
-Museum Sarah


November 21, 2016

Everdry repaired our basement walls, fixed the water intrusion, and added a ventilation system about 4 years ago. Our basement has remained 100% dry and the damp musty smell that plagued us for decades is long gone. I definitely recommend their services.
-Kathy Ronke


November 21, 2016

Everdry repaired our basement in 2004. We had major basement repairs (drain tile, addition of another sump pump, and reinforcement of our basement walls). We have not had one drop of water in our basement since Everdry did the repairs. Even though we will have to disclose all of the work we had done to our basement when we go to sell this house, we are very confident that the work was done right. Also, the life time warranty is transferable- big bonus and the main reason why we went with Everdry in the first place. What other company does that?
-Donna Goelz


November 20, 2016

For the most part, my wife and I are happy with the job that was done, and it has now been over 3 years since we had Everdry come in and fix our basement. They are a bit pricy, even after we were given a couple of deals to bring the price down. We own a smaller home and the total price was just under $17,000, but they are the only ones that offer the work to the extent that they do. So, I guess price is relative in this case. We have had minor issues from time to time with our sub pump, but it was just a couple calls and a day or two to have those issues fixed. There is peace of mind knowing our basement should stay dry from here on out, and ultimately, that is what you want from waterproofing your basement.
My name is Josh McCoy and I live in Racine, WI
-Joshua McCoy


November 19, 2016

If you have a basement and water leaking in your walls call Every Day, they fixed our leaky basement and it has been dry every since. They do great work and are dependable.
-Judith Nielsen


November 19, 2016

We had what most other companies were calling a minor water issue. The other companies came out and gave us reasonable prices but only intended to fix the one area and did not check anywhere else in our basement. Our appointment with Everdry was far different.

To start, they checked throughout our basement and showed us where ALL of the problems were. Next, they explained step by step how they intended to fix the problems. Sure, they were more expensive than the other companies. I’ll take Everdry’s quality work over the other guys. Unlike the other companies, Everdry didn’t try to hard sell us. Instead, they let us make the choice. All of Everdry’s competitors wanted an answer right away. Everdry, got an answer from us the night of their initial visit because of their thorough pitch in how to fix the problem. It helped that unlike the other companies, Everdry has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

We had our basement fixed quickly, thoroughly, and with an attention to detail. With each step, the foreman walked me through what had been done and kept me up to date. They had given an estimated completion date, and beat it! Normally fast means wrong. Not in their case. The workmanship and professionalism was amazing.

A year later and we are water free in our basement and loving it. Don’t let the cost scare you. The competition will charge you for one spot and not fix the whole problem. I actually added up what the cost would have been to go with another company if they would have fixed each problem and it would have been at least double what Everdry got. Plus, the warranties of the other companies don’t compare. You can’t beat the warranty they’ve given us. Hopefully we’ll never have to use it.
-Christopher Thalacker


November 18, 2016

We have been in our current home about 12 years and Everdry Waterproofing had done the work on our foundation prior to our owning the home. I think the best testimony to the quality of their work that we can give is that we have never had to call them to come out and do anything further. We have already recommended them to neighbors who were looking for foundation repair companies.
-Sue Dayton


November 19, 2016

Everdry waterproofing began helping us with our wet basement in 2013. The 2 things I value most are that
1. After repair, they offer an ongoing lifetime guarantee.
2. You can include this lifetime guarantee in home resale.

Everdry did, in fact, return to help us in 2014 to resolve an issue, and again in 2015 to follow up.
-Carol Wunsch


November 18, 2016

After a flood in 1997, the foundation in our house moved and cracks appears in the basement walls.
We called Everdry who gave us a comprehensive plan to solve the problem and avoid issues in the future. They dug around the house inside and out, fixed the draining, poured gravel and covered with cement in the inside and dirt in the outside, braced the walls and covered the cracks. They cleaned up after themselves every day. Everdry offered us a lifetime guarantee transferable to future owners, for a yearly nominal fee. We used this guarantee twice in the last 19 years, once when new cracks appeared, and they added more braces and a second time, repairing the cracks filler that was falling out in some places. We had a very positive experience at every contact point. Everdry was always very responsive and made us feel that they would always be there if we needed them to protect our home. We highly recommend them.
-Bernie Newman


November 17, 2016

I had Everdry waterproof the basement of my 91 year old house ten years ago. Water would seep in through the walls made of limestone rocks during heavier rains. The house is now 101 years old and the basement has had no water coming in from the outside for ten years and counting. Thanks Everdry!

-Kenneth Leising


September 17, 2012

“We would like to extend our sincere thank you to you and your crew for the outstanding (5) star customer service we received during the 3 days of painstaking work done to our Grafton home. We met with Brad Collins, our work site supervisor, and he took the time to explain the process with my wife and I, so we knew what the expectations were and how the day would unfold. We found Brad very respectful of our home and landscaping around it. They placed protective covering in all the traffic areas inside our home and removed plants and shrubs as needed. One area that had sentimental value for us was the basement stairs where our grandchildren had placed their hand and foot prints on the steps. Brad and his crew covered those steps with cardboard and assured us that they will make every effort to protect them to the best of their ability. The stairs eventually needed to be removed to accomplish the needed repairs to the foundation. We found this care and concern to be typical of the way the crew worked throughout the project.

At the end of the project, Brad asked my wife and I to go through the exterior and interior to make sure that everything was up to our satisfaction. He explained to us the need to keep the grading pitched correctly especially once the ground settles around the house. He also explained the operation and settings for the EZ-Breathe system, how the sump pumps and the battery backup system works and the warranty behind them. We assured Brad that we were extremely pleased with the workmanship and the professionalism of him and his crew. Again, we can’t stress enough how pleased we are that we chose Everdry Waterproofing to correct our basement issues and have every confidence that repairs have solved our basement problems.

A side note:

After the crew left and I went outside to the mailbox to retrieve the mail, an old friend and co-worker from several years ago stopped by when she saw me outside. She was in the neighborhood and noticed the Everdry truck in the driveway the last few days. I told her how pleased we were with the crew and workmanship and she smiled,……then she told me that they had Everdry do their basement in Germantown last year and they were also extremely happy and pleased with the work done and how the crew was equally great to work with.

Just thought I’d mention we are just (2), I’m sure, of many happy Everdry customers and we would highly recommend Everdry to anyone contemplating basement repairs…

Best regards,”

-D.B. and K.B.

Grafton, WI

July 17, 2012

“To Everdry Waterproofing:

We were very nervous going into this project. Our north side neighbor was concerned about damage to his new driveway and was holding us liable for any damage done to that section of his driveway adjacent to the work area.This is such a dirty job, but Brad and his crew did what they could to minimize and contain the mess. Brad laid down extra plastic sheeting and plywood to protect our neighbors driveway. The crew had to work in some very tight spaces around the exterior of the house–behind shrubs, around plants, etc. They were so considerate about minimizing any damage and did their best to restore / replant anything that had been moved. Brad did a great job of explaining the process and was very responsive to our concerns and questions. He kept us updated and informed as the work progressed. Because he did such a good job scheduling the city inspector, the electrician and the plumber, there were no work delays. Brad and his crew worked hard in oppressive heat and humidity! Our biggest worry was the north side neighbor’s driveway but that was cleaned beautifully We are VERY happy with the care taken to clean up both inside and outside.

Thanks, Everdry, for a job well done! We certainly will be referring others to you.”


Wauwatosa, WI


June 15, 2012

“We want to commend the fantastic Everdry Crew! They did an outstanding job from top to bottom.

Bill Martin spent a great deal of time introducing us to the company and took the time to explain the work process. He sold us on Everdry. Brad did a great job of going over the work that would be done. This was a huge project and Mom had reservations on how this would all get done without ruining her flowers and shrubs. Brad reassured Mom that everything would be taken care of and she didn’t have to worry about anything.

The entire crew did an exceptional job. Mom was really happy with the fellow that replanted her flowers and plants.
Everyone was polite and courteous and looked out for her concerns. It is evident Everdry respects what is important to the homeowner.
It still amazes us that the crew got all the work done in just a few days! WELL DONE! We highly recommend Everdry!!”

-K.M., A.C.

Milwaukee, WI


“We would like to thank Everdry Waterproofing for sending Andy and his crew of 5 very hard working men to our home. They were all professional and very polite. Any questions we had about the job were answered with superior knowledge and explained thoroughly. Everything was covered with plastic and protected. Plastic was placed on steps, kitchen floor and into the hall for the bathroom. Permission was used for bathroom use and shoes were removed. As they did the work, we could really see the problems in our basement. Extreme care was taken to not break anything that we had. They even had to work in the rain and said they were used to it and it would not hurt anything. We feel confident that the multistep system will take care of our water leakage problem. These men worked very very hard. I would recommend them to anyone. It was a pleasure having them here to help us with our problem. Thank you Andy, the crew leader and Hector, Juan, Nathan, Andy and Johnnie. Thanks again – a great job!! “


Milwaukee, WI


“This is in regards to the crew of men & their Supervisor, Ben, who have been at my home in Kenosha, for the past two days.  We have been very pleased with the work done, the respect that was given to us and our home & belongings.  The men were hard & conscientious workers and accomplished the task before them in excellent time.  As I write, they are doing a fine job of cleaning up the basement area, and have done a nice job of leaving the outside area in good shape.  Our plants were well preserved and protected during their work.  Ben explained everything to us very thrououghly – in good detail.  We would certainly recommend Everdry to anyone.”


Kenosha, WI


“I used Everdry to fully waterproof my basement. The staff were professional, polite, and knowledgeable. When options were available, they provided the pros and cons of each option in their description so I could make the best decision for our home. The staff protected my belongings, floors and walls and cleaned up afterwards. I would recommend Everdry and the particular staff who performed the work on my home to any homeowner. “


Milwaukee, WI


“My husband and I myself realized that our basement was in need of repair. We saw a flyer in the mail advertising Everdry Waterproofing. We called for an inspection and spent some time with Mike K. going over everything our basement was going to need to be water free. From our first interactions until the minute Jason and his crew finished our house, we have been very pleased. The crew took the time to answer any questions and explain the process that was happening to our house. The crew was very professional, frieindly and hardworking. They treated my home with respect and were careful during their time here. I am extermely pleased and would without hesitation, recommed Everdry to anyone with a basement water problem.”


Milwaukee, WI






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