Instant Hairline Crack Fixing

If you live in the Wisconsin area, you’re probably no stranger to foundation cracking. The brutal winter months can cause the soil around your home to expand and contract, causing cracks to appear on your foundation walls.

For those of us lucky enough to only experience minimal or no moisture from those pesky hairline cracks, there’s one solution you might want to try before considering a more permanent repair: masonry caulk. Masonry caulk can be a great way to keep moisture and bugs our of your basement, while keeping the heat and air conditioning in your home.

The process is very simple and inexpensive. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  1. (1) Box of Masonry Caulk (Tube)
  2. (1) Standard Caulk Gun
  3. (1) Box/Bag Rubber Gloves
  4. (1) Pair Safety Glasses
  5. (1) 2″ Paint Brush
  6. (1) Cup Water

The Process:

Sealing a hairline crack with masonry caulk is an easy task. First, with safety glasses and rubber gloves on, apply a thick bead of caulk across the entire crack, end to end. Next, dip your paint brush in the cup of water. After the brush is thoroughly wet, brush the line of caulk directly into the crack. The water acts as a thinning agent to help the caulk fill the crack; and don’t worry about the mess, the water should dry clear.

And, that’s it! You’ve now taken an important step toward ensuring the health and efficiency of your basement or crawl space. Be sure to keep an eye on your sealed cracks over time. If water pressure becomes too great, it can work its way through the caulk and you’ll need to provide a sturdier fix.

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