Preparing Your Home For Heavy Rains

Heavy rains and melting snow are your basement’s number one enemy. Even when it rains for only a short while, localized flooding can occur. These flash floods occur due to heavy rainfall hitting the ground. When the rain is too much for the ground to absorb, the water collects on the surface. This is especially common when the ground is too dry or has frozen in the winter season.

Flash floods can also occur when there is too much rain and the ground saturates with rain. The ground can only hold so much water. If it is too much, then the ground will not absorb it.

Areas that are covered with concrete, tarmac or buildings are also prone to flooding as a result of the runoff from these hard surfaces. When it rains heavily, the water may overwhelm the storm water sewers and result in flooding.

Whether your home is located on a hill or on flat ground, it is important to ensure that you get it ready for the heavy rainsThis will ensure that you manage storm water and prevent floods from damaging your home.

Protecting your home

You can do several things to ensure that your home has protection when the rains start to pour down.

  1. Grading

It is important to ensure that the ground around your home slopes away from the house. This ensures that water moves away from the house and your foundation. The slope should be positive for at least 5 feet in the direction away from the foundation. The minimum drop of the ground should be 3 inches.

  1. Inspect and clean drains, downspouts and eavestroughs

Rainwater can easily find its way into your home if the drainage to lead water away from the home is clogged or leaking. It is therefore important to inspect the downspouts, drains and eaves troughs of your home. Clear out any debris to ensure that the drains are clear.

It is also important to ensure that your downspouts are facing away from the house. This ensures that water flows away from the basement or foundation. The water should drain at least 1.5 m away from the foundation walls.

  1. Check your sump pump

If you have a sump pump, ensure that it has undergone inspection and maintenance well before the rainy season starts. Ensure that the trigger mechanism is working and that the pump is working well to pump water out and away from your home.

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