Signs of a Leaky Crawl Space

If your crawl space develops a ground water leak, the extra water can do major damage. Yet how can you tell if you have a leaky crawl space in Appleton WI 54911? Here’s how:

Presence of water in the basement

If you see signs of water in your basement, then water is definitely coming in from somewhere. These signs might include wet wood, wet cement or cinderblock, or leaks along the floor or wall joint near the crawl space.

If you have a dirt crawl space, it can sometimes be difficult to spot water because the dirt will soak up water. Thus, the crawl space can look dry because the water is absorbing the slow leak. Only when the soil has absorbed all of the water that it can handle will the water begin to pool.

Mold and mildew in the basement

If your basement smells of mold or mildew, or you see mold or mildew in the basement, you know that you have a water problem. What it the crawl space has a leak? While you can get in there and check it out, you might not want to. Give us a call and we’ll have a look at it for you.

If you even suspect that you might have a leaky crawl space in Appleton WI 54911, check it out. The time you spend investigating it now will pay off by letting you catch the problem before it gets bigger.

Everdry Waterproofing Wisconsin is a leading expert in crawl space and foundation repair. If you suspect that your crawl space has a leak, contact us to get the repairs done right.

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