Concrete Cracks In Waukesha: To Worry Or Not To Worry

Discovering cracks in your foundation is never a sign of anything good to come. However, you should only worry if the cracks are structural. Structural cracks are more serious and should never be ignored. They are likely to result in bigger problems over time if left unattended.

However, this does not mean that you ought to ignore nonstructural cracks. Any crack in your foundation is bound to become more serious in future if left unattended. Nonstructural cracks are likely to erode and go deeper into the foundation making them structural cracks.

How to identify structural cracks

You can identify structural concrete cracks in Waukesha by their location and arrangement. There are two basic types of cracks:

  • Vertical cracks

These are usually nonstructural when they occur in concrete walls that have been poured. They are usually caused by the contraction and expansion of the concrete as the weather changes from cold to warm. These types of cracks ought not to cause you much alarm.

However, if they are leaking it is important to have them fixed right away. Leaking cracks will result in water damage in your basement. It can also result in the growth of mold and rotting of your items in the basement as a result of increased moisture.

  • Horizontal cracks

If you find these cracks on the lower half of the wall of the basement, you ought to be worried. They are a structural. They are often a sign of serious problem with the foundation. These issues cannot be addressed without the assistance of a professional foundation repair contractor.

Multiple horizontal cracks on adjacent walls of your foundation are also a sign that there is a structural problem. They often occur when the foundation moves and the integrity of the structure of the building is compromised.

These types of cracks usually occur as a result of pressure building up on the outside of the wall. This increasing pressure is often the result of water in the surrounding soils. Have a professional relieve the pressure on the walls by installing a French drain. This will direct water away from the foundation.

It is also important for your waterproofing to be inspected. A foundation repair contractor can help by fixing the waterproofing to prevent future problems with the foundation.

Be sure to call a professional to inspect the cracks in your basement. Ensuring that the problem is attended to early will save you a lot or heartache and money in the long run.

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