How To Tell If You Have a Leaky Crawl Space in Appleton WI 54911

If your crawl space develops a ground water leak, the extra water can do major damage. Yet how can you tell if you have a leaky crawl space in Appleton WI 54911? Here’s how: Presence of water in the basement If you see signs of water in your basement, then water is definitely coming in from somewhere….

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Things You Need To Know About Basement Moisture Control

It is imperative that you know as much as possible about controlling moisture levels in your basement. Allowing those levels to go too high can mean potential health issues for everyone in your home. You also have to consider the structural damage that comes with excess moisture. Most people are unaware of basement moisture and…

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foundation repair

DIY Foundation Repair in Racine WI 53401 – Counting the Cost

When it comes to repairs around the home, many of us would much rather do them ourselves if we can. Who wants to pay a professional to do something that can easily be done with the right tools? With so much information available to us online, it is easy to learn how to do various…

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Waterproofing a Concrete Block Foundation

Concrete block foundation is one of the most popular types of foundations available in the US. Concrete has been in use for a long while. It became a popular material for the construction of residential homes in the 1900s because of its strength, fireproof and weatherproof properties. The problem with concrete A concrete block foundation…

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Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Manitowoc WI 54220: The Solution for a Leaking Basement

Is your basement leaking? Dealing with a leaking basement can seem like a daunting task to any home owner. It can be particularly stressful when you already have a finished basement. The thought of breaking walls and floors up, heavy workmen’s boots trudging on your clean floors and construction materials being dragged in and out…

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Foundation Waterproofing Kenosha WI 53140 – What to Expect

Walking into a wet basement is one of the worst nightmares of any home owner. Basement moisture problems can result from flooding due to natural disasters, plumbing leaks or even dampness amongst others. Whatever the reason is for your basement moisture problems, one thing is for sure. You need an experienced foundation waterproofing Kenosha WI…

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How Milwaukee Mold Can Affect Your Health

Mold is a common term used to describe fungi that grow in damp places and on food. Mold can occur in almost any color but are commonly white or black. They often have the appearance of a smudge of stain. They give off a musty smell. This smell is the easiest way to recognize them….

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Concrete Cracks in Waukesha: To Worry or Not to Worry

Discovering cracks in your foundation is never a sign of anything good to come. However, you should only worry if the cracks are structural. Structural cracks are more serious and should never be ignored. They are likely to result in bigger problems over time if left unattended. However, this does not mean that you ought…

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