Basement Waterproofing West Allis, WI

Basement Waterproofing West Allis, WI | Call Now! 800-398-4090 West Allis, Wisconsin, birthplace to the Krsnich brothers. Rocky and Mike both played in the MLB. Rocky played for the Phillies, Yankees, and the White Sox. Mike played for the Phillies and the Milwaukee Braves. Every month, we at Everdry Wisconsin are giving out a Kindle…

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Basement Waterproofing Racine, WI

Basement Waterproofing Racine, WI | Call Now! 800-398-4090 Racine, Wisconsin, home to famous cartoonist Chester Commodore. Known for his political cartoons and comic strips, Chester was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize twelve times. Many homes and basements in Racine, WI are susceptible to moisture issues at one time or another. The truth is, foundations aren’t…

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Basement Waterproofing Kenosha, WI

  Basement Waterproofing Kenosha, WI | Call Now! 800-398-4090 Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the Northwestern Wildcats come to practice every year (at UW-Parkside). Other than Camp Kenosha, did you know John Candy’s band in ‘Home Alone’ was called ‘The Kenosha Kickers?’ Basement Waterproofing Kenosha, WI – Notice Your Bowing Walls – Kenosha, WI Bowing walls are…

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Milwaukee Basement Waterproofing

Milwaukee Basement Waterproofing | Call Now! 800-398-4090 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the big cheese (so to speak) of Wisconsin cities. Go Brewers!  Milwaukee, Wisconsin is home to some great beer, great food, and great baseball. Unfortunately it’s also home to plenty of wet basements and crawl spaces. Due to close proximity to the Great Lakes and the…

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Basement Waterproofing Waukesha, WI

Basement Waterproofing Waukesha, WI | Call Now! 800-398-4090 Waukesha, Wisconsin was once known for its extremely clean and good-tasting spring water and was called a, “spa town.” Basement Waterproofing Waukesha, WI – Sump Pump Tips – Waukesha, WI Keep your sump pit covered. Pump obstructions account for a large percentage of sump pump failures. We’ve…

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Basement Waterproofing | Foundation Cracks

Diagnosing Concrete Cracks

Any crack in your foundation is never a good thing. Some are structural cracks caused by settlement issues in the soil while others are simply allowing water into your basement. With concrete, it is not a matter of “if” it will crack it is a matter of “when.” Concrete naturally expands and shrinks with the…

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Basement Waterproofing | Wet Basement Floor

Six Simple Fixes to a Wet Basement

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, 60% of homes are plagued by a wet basement. Wet basements can cause mold, mildew and dry rot, attract termites and other pests, and cause more serious structural problems. Any of these problems could require costly repairs if they are ignored. Here are a few simple fixes—some…

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Basement Waterproofing | Finished Basement

Converting Your Basement to Living Space? What to do Before the Remodel?

Before you turn your basement into living space, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests addressing six areas of concern: moisture control issues, radon, ventilation, combustion appliances, flooring and windows. Moisture Control Issues Moisture related issues are the biggest problems in a basement. If water problems are left alone, a small leak can turn into a…

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Basement Waterproofing | Flooded Basement

What to Know If Your House Floods

A basement flood is one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. We often talk about prevention when it comes to basement flooding but what if it is too late to talk about waterproofing applications? The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) put together an information packet about things to know and what to do as homeowner to…

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