Basement Waterproofing In Milwaukee & Cove Seepage

Basement Waterproofing Issues & Symptoms Cove seepage is one of the most common issues homeowners experience when dealing with a wet basement or crawl space. This is also a large contributor to the many mold and indoor air quality issues homeowners tend to experience as a result. Chances are, if you’re experiencing cove seepage, it didn’t happen all of a... Learn More

Basement Waterproofing And Downspouts

There are many things that an cause a basement or crawlspace waterproofing issue. Failed sump pumps, cracked foundations, lack of drain tile around the home are just a few examples. There is one thing however, that contributes greatly to the amount of water around your foundation, and it’s often overlooked: your gutters and downspouts. It’s very common for us to... Learn More

Is Your Basement Ready For Snow Melt?

Few things produce more water than a heavy rainstorm. The ground becomes saturated, the gutters are pouring all that water from your roof all over your yard, sinking deep underground and saturating the soil around your home. Most of us are relieve by the time the snow starts falling, because that means frozen soil and less flowing water! Although that’s... Learn More

Sump Pump Tips For Basement Health

Simply put, your sump pump is your last line of defense between your dry basement and a total flood. Your sump pump is an essential part of any basement or crawl space waterproofing system, as it is the only component pumping all that collected water out of your home. Now, since owning a basement or crawl space in the Milwaukee area tends... Learn More

About Your Home’s Sill Plate

Did you know that your home’s foundation is made up of 2 separate pours of concrete? Seems logical, I know, but these separations are important to consider as they can become points of entry for water over time. The average poured concrete foundation is made up of 3 parts: the footer, the foundation walls, and the floor. The foundation walls... Learn More

Quick Fix For Hairline Cracks

If you live in the Wisconsin area, you’re probably no stranger to foundation cracking. The brutal winter months can cause the soil around your home to expand and contract, causing cracks to appear on your foundation walls. For those of us lucky enough to only experience minimal or no moisture from those pesky hairline cracks, there’s one solution you might... Learn More

Choosing The Right Contractor

Choosing the right contractor doesn’t have to be a hassle. Below is a list of 5 things you’re going to want to look for when searching out a reputable contractor or basement waterproofing professional for your next home project.       Do a Little Online Research. Any reputable contractor should have some kind of listing online. Generally, you’ll want to look for... Learn More

This Winter May Bring Foundation Cracks | Milwaukee, WI

For many of us, winter has already firmly established itself for the season. It’s freezing outside, and the wind, snow and ice are right around the corner. That means ground water in your soil is going to be freezing and expanding, increasing the need for foundation repair milwaukee this winter season.. This can spell trouble for many of you, especially those with... Learn More

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