Basement Waterproofing Janesville, WI

Basement Waterproofing Janesville, WI

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Janesville, Wisconsin, home to the Janesville Jets, an expansion team in the North American Hockey League. The Janesville Cubs, a minor league baseball team for the Chicago Cubs, also had a home in Janesville from 1941-1942 and 1946-1953.

Basement Waterproofing Janesville, WI – Troublesome Cinder Blocks – Janesville, WI

Cinder block foundation walls can be particularly troublesome for homeowners (especially in the Janesville area). The combination of older homes and wet weather provide less than ideal conditions for dry, healthy foundations. Unfortunately cinder block foundations are generally more delicate than poured concrete foundations, because there are many more points of weakness within the wall.

In advanced cases, the damage to the foundation walls are so bad that they begin bowing inward to the point of total collapse. These extreme situations are more common than we’d certainly like to see, so we recommend taking action at the first signs of cracking.

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